Tuesday 12 May 2015

Anzac Pieces Of Writing From Some Of The Children In Room 7

Anzac stands for Australia NZ Army Corp. They went to Turkey and when they got there they were shot at. They went to protect their country so we could live a better lovely life. They screamed when they landed and spotted people lying on the ground with blood all over them. They probably heard screaming. 
They ate meat and dried biscuits. They slept in tents and they had sandbags to protect them when bullets came to attack. It was very handy because it woke them up. 
I think it was wonderful that they went to war to protect us but it would have been horrible to see your friends die!
                                                 by Emmer

Anzac stands for Australia NZ Army Corp. They went to Anzac Cove. The soldiers went so the Turkish people did not get the little countries. Bullets were flying over them! They spied cliffs that looked narrow. Bullets, screaming, yelling and blood pouring out of them!
They ate dried meat and biscuits with little flies and some chocolate for a treat. 
I feel sorry for those men because they didn't want to go there.
                                                                                                                     by Saul

Anzac stands for Australia NZ Army Corp. They arrived at Gallipoli hearing guns shooting at them. They had to dig trenches in the ground. They had to eat dried meat and sometimes they ate chocolate. They were very scared. They fought in the war so we could have a nice life but we lost lots of men. They didn't have a proper bath so they had to zip to Anzac Cove and get in and get wet while trying to dodge the bullets flying over them! Then they had to dash back to the trench still trying to dodge bullets. 
I wonder why we couldn't share the land?
My great grandad survived World War 2 and I am very proud! My great great grandad's uncle died in World War 2.
                                                         by Hannah

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  1. Well done Emer, Saul and Hannah. Great pieces of writing that share your learning.
    Emer - I agree it would be terrible watching your friends die.
    Saul - I really like the way you have described the cliffs. You have used a good verb 'spied' and an excellent adjective 'narrow'.
    Hannah - What strong verbs you have used to describe how the men went down to the water to have a wash (zipped, and dashed) You have helped to paint a picture in my mind.
    Keep up the great work guys. Well done.
    From Mrs Kitto