Monday 18 May 2015

More writing from our wonderful room 7 writers.

The children had this photo as their inspiration. They brainstormed ideas with partners and together as a class. Here are a few!

There's some white fluffy clouds on the lonely and sad elephant! It is very weird with clouds on an elephant! It used it's trunk to get the clouds away! I... think the clouds fell from the sky! Maybe the elephant drank some water and it turned into clouds! Maybe the elephant trotted away after he sprayed himself!
                                        Luke Yr 2

The elephant has white fluffy clouds on his back. He is puffing the white fluffy clouds out! He is in Africa. It looks like he is old and growing wool. I felt as though he was going to see me and jump on me but he didn't! Meanwhile he spied me and I sprinted for my life and hid in a bush. Now I was safe. He was stumbling and wagging his tail!
                                                                                    Niamh Yr 3

The elephant is in a grassy place and the white fluffy clouds are settling from the grey sky onto the old weird elephant. It's like the grey elephant on a cloud with clouds whirling down from the sky. I think the elephant has lost his home and his family has left. The elephant might find a home in Africa or at the zoo!
                                Tahlia N Yr 3

Have you seen an old elephant covered in white fluffy clouds? We think he went to the water hole and had a drink. After he finished having a drink it was so chilly that the elephant actually started to blow white fluffy clouds out of his trunk! Afterwards the clouds started to settle on the elephant's back!
                             Amelie Yr 3

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