Friday 8 May 2015

Anzac Lego Movie

In Room 7 some of the boys asked if they could make a lego movie on the ANZACs. They focussed on coming into Anzac Cove and getting everything off the boat then some of the fighting! It is noisy and busy which is what is would have been like landing! They did an amazing job and it took 310 photos which they did all by themselves!

Anzacs  by Zavier, Andrew, Luke, Saul, Kaiyo


  1. Cool movie boy 's .I really like how you made it all out of lego !

  2. Wow!
    What an amazing piece of work to show some of your learning around the ANZACS.
    You must have all worked well together to plan, create and then publish this work?
    I wonder how long it took you to make all the props and them move and film the i movie?

    Miss T

  3. What a great way to share your learning Room 7. I'm sure it took a lot of planning and team work. It was lovely to see how excited you were when you shared your movie at assembly. Are you planning to use these new skills to create other movies?
    A great effort - well done.

  4. that video was so awesome!!!!!! from leif

  5. Hey guys. This is a really clever movie and I really felt like I was there in the battle. Thanks for working hard to make it.👷🏽😎 Miss L.

    1. Hi Miss l.Yes it took us about 3 days to complete the video and we took 301 photos.
      We felt like we were in the battle to.

      From Andrew,kaiyo,Luke,Saul and Zavier

  6. Really awesome kaiyo

  7. hi guys logan here love your movie logan