Sunday 22 March 2015

The boys putting their spare time to good use!



  1. What fun boys!!! I'd like to come over and spend some time making things in your class!
    How did you come up with the ideas for your creation? I am very impressed.
    From Mrs Kitto

  2. To Luke, Niko, Saul and Zavier,
    cool creations guys. I wish I could make that too.
    I think you should be louder and clearer when you record your speaking.

    from Jed at Waka Stride

  3. Wow that was awesome. I wonder how you built that spinning toy. I like how it spins.
    Next time it would be even better if you could put lego people on the ride.

    from Max

  4. Dear Luke, Niko, Saul ans Zavier,
    We really like how you used your imaginations and created an awesome plane.
    Also how when you move it along the table the stick things go round and round.
    Next time you could tell us what the sticks on the top do.

    From Brigid in Waka Stride

  5. Hi guys I like your creations they are really cool!!!
    from Hannah

  6. Hi Zavier and Niko I really like your creation do you think you could build a big castle? I would be surprised if you could!
    from Hannah

  7. Loving the creativity here in room 7! Would love to come and join in some time!
    From Anna Robinson