Wednesday 4 March 2015

Yummy Statistics!
This morning the children were put into groups and each group given a packet of pebbles. Their job was to find out the most popular colour in each packet. They divided the packet into 4 and graphed all the colours, then joined their totals together in their groups to find the most popular colour.  There was also some great adding going on too! Here are the results.

And of course they all got to eat their pebbles!!!!


  1. Yummy-my kind of Maths!!

  2. Hi our super Blog Buddies. I am at home commenting on your slide show of wonderful maths as I can see it at hmoe but the kids can't see it at school.
    I love the way you are carefully putting your information into what looks like a bar chart. We did bar charts, dot plots and strip graphs at the beginning of the year. We are now learning how to do Daily 5 Maths.
    What else have you made graphs about?
    Keep up the great posting.

    Allana - Crazy Waka Stride teacher!

  3. hi room 7 the jellybeans look like fun add them all to together

  4. Hi room7 it is Coco here.I thought the pebbles were VERY yummy to!!! And adding them.