Tuesday 3 February 2015

Class Notice

Term 1 2015 Room 7

Welcome to Room 7! I hope you all had a lovely relaxing break with your gorgeous children and that they are ready to come back to school.
Just a few house keeping things to take note of :)
EOTC week is coming up very quickly this year so shortly you will get a timetable to let you know what’s happening and we are trying very hard to keep the costs down.
Homework will start in week 3. I try not to make this too onerous for all involved as the children do get through a lot during the day and I believe they also need to have some chill out time at home, so the things I like to focus on are the key learning areas.
I have to stress the importance of nightly reading and filling in their log. It is proven that the ones who read nightly move forward more easily than the ones that don’t. On our class Website there are also ideas for helping your child at home.
They are all now Mathletics members and will have their passwords glued into their homework books. They will be expected to work on this for no less than 20 min for homework. I will take them through this in class before they start it.
Spelling will start in week 6 once we have developed confidence in our daily program. 
All homework books and logs come back to school on Fridays and they will bring their reading books back daily to swap for new ones. Your child will most of the time bring home readers that they have had with me which is at their expected reading level and sometimes it will come from their browsing buckets which is a level lower to build fluency at home and for them to read with success!
You are more than welcome to pop in at any time if you have any concerns and hopefully together we can work them out.

Thank you Cherelle

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