Wednesday 4 February 2015

The children have been thinking about things they would wish for this year, here are a few!


  1. Hi Room 7,
    I like your Room 7 banner at the top of your blog. You have all grown so much over the summer holidays. I know Mrs Gibson is so excited to be able to spend time with you this year!
    Saul invited me to have a sneaky peek at your 'I wish' artwork today after school. What wonderful wishes and such clever presentation!
    I wonder if your wishes will come true?

    Miss Tyrrell

  2. Hi Room 7,

    We are Waka Stride from Springston School and we are really excited about becoming your blog buddies. On our first day we had a mini class powhiri and then made movies about what we were excited about this year.

    Come and visit our blog to see them.

    Allana - the cool teacher!

  3. Dear Amelie,
    We really like the way you have used capital letters and full stops. We would love to see your wish in colour.
    From Daniel and Ella Year 4

  4. Dear Clyde Room 7,
    Wow I love your I wish art. It actually looks like you are bloing a dandyline. And I love how you have black papper in the back ground so the dandylin stands out.
    To make it even better - try to tell me why you made the wish like:
    I lived in a two storied house so I could slide down the stairs!

    From William

  5. Hi what would you moslty want to wish for becos i wood wish for a million dollars and a golden monsta truck with werewolfs that has hons and can breathe out toxic spikes and can talk.
    From Max D
    from Max

  6. Hi Zavier I like your wishes! I think being a firefighter and saving lives would be awesome!!!!!!
    by Hannah

  7. Hi Ellie love your I wish art
    from Emer