Sunday 25 May 2014

Last week for writing we watched the video clip Once In A Lifetime from the Literacy Shed,
here is a couple of examples of our fantastic writing!!!
Click on the link above to get into the site and scroll down for the video!

High above the clouds the pilot dropped his important engine out of the shiny sky. Suddenly he glanced through his telescope and spied some sleek gigantic turtles so he lasood one of the turtles but sadly the rope snapped! But one of the turtles came back for him so he jumped onto it and gently glided away!
by Cody 7yrs

Up above the clouds in the sky the man tried to get his booster but he dropped it! He spotted a big turtle and he lasood it, then the roped snapped and another turtle came back to help him, then he jumped on it's back and the turtle flew away!
by Jayden 7yrs

High above the clouds there lived a pilot stuck in the middle of the sky. Then he dropped his important part of the ship and he felt shocking but then he heard a strange sound! So he looked through his telescope to see what it was and he spied a flying turtle!!!!!!!
by Portia 7yrs


  1. I liked Cody's writing because when he said out shiny sky. from joseph in terrific tuis

  2. I like your fantasy writing. You are really good at writing because you used descriptive words. Are you writing anything
    From Kruz in the terrific tuis

  3. Hi Kruz yes we are writing more! Keep an eye out on our blog site we had a huge frost here the other day and the children are writing about that!!!!