Thursday 22 May 2014

Around Clyde Brochures For Visitors

Every year Clyde School have an EOTC week. After this year's one the children all decided how cool it would be to share with visitors different activities they can do with their children around Clyde!
So they created their own brochures with their own photos of themselves doing these activities and little blurbs about them.
They are all so proud of them and now they are in the Alexandra Information Centre!
Click on Taine's to see some examples!

Around Clyde Brochures!!!


  1. Room 7,
    I have read some of these brochures and they paint a great picture of the awesome environment we live in.
    These brochures took some time to plan and produce. I am sure they will help many people discover all the fun activities we get to do all the time.
    Way to go Room 7 Learners!

    Miss T

  2. Loved, the work out pictures GREAT timeing, I'm looking back to all these in 2016 Good memories from jesse