Tuesday 20 May 2014

Heid's Trip To Auckland
Thank you Heidi for sharing your experience with all of us!!


  1. What an awesome story of your trip to Auckland Heidi, you were a very brave girl and yes the noodles were yummy. Christina (mum)

  2. Heidi, I thought you were very brave doing all that hospital stuff it must have been a little scary for you! It was so good that both mum and dad were there with you and I bet all the doctors and nurses were just lovely too!!!
    I thought it was good too that you got to do some fun stuff around Auckland!
    Well done Heidi thank you for sharing that with everyone!

  3. Hi Heidi
    Thank you for sharing your story with us. What a long story with lots of information - we are all very impressed here in room 6. Sienna thinks you were very brave. Emer would like to know if you did anything else in Auckland? How long were you up there for? When Niamh went to Auckland she went on one of the boats you saw.
    From room 6

    1. Hi Emer, I didn't do anything else just what I said! I was there for 3 days!

  4. To Heidi, We enjoyed looking at your photo's and listening to your bird tale about your trip to Auckland.You did many different things. The playground at Ronald MacDonald house looked amazing. We liked the double slide best of all.

    Room 5

  5. Hi heidi it looks fun. from cody