Thursday 15 May 2014

Celebrating Successes!!!!

Celebrating Success in Room 7!
Congratulations to Kaia and Clifford for their achievements in the swimming pool!
Kaia: For great listening and perseverance. Huge improvement this season in all strokes. Well done Kaia for competing in your first club champs! The trophy was awarded for the most improved boy!
7 & Under Boys - Novice
2014 Club Championships
I am not surprised Kaia received this as it's also a reflection on how he is working in class too, very proud of you Kaia!

Clifford: For great improvement in freestyle and diving. Has no fear of giving things a go.
Well done Clifford you certainly show enthusiasm for all your learning in class and you always love giving things a go!!!


  1. We think the two of you are very strong swimmers!

  2. Wow Clifford you must be really good at swimming. Well done Clifford from Taraleigh.

  3. Hi you must be good at freestyle Clifford."Do you go to swimming class's?
    By Aaron

    1. Hi Aaron, yes I do go to classes, I go sometimes Tuesdays and Wednesdays!

  4. Great work Clifford your swimming sounds like fun from Olivia.

  5. WOW Clifford and Kaia