Wednesday 24 May 2017

Snapshots of Swimming!


  1. Hi Tui Team,
    We think you all did such a good job of your writing and drawing about swimming lessons.
    Luke- We think you talked well and used lots of expression (Blake J)
    Avie- Avie spoked well and we liked her big smile. We enjoyed the way you used strong adjectives and painted a clear picture of swimming lessons. (Kiri)
    Olivia- We are impressed with the way you described your swimming lesson. (Blake C)

  2. wow nice snapshots it bightins my day

  3. Hi tui I love you swimming stores.Olivia-I love your verbs and illustrating. You illustrating with your pepole are amazing. Avie-your store pats me a big picher in my hed and your illustrating Avie is so colorful and brite. Tahlia c ever time you rwiti you amazing more and more and you illustrated is amazing. Luke your store is so amazing I want to fined out what hapns nexs and your illustrated is so clorful. From Tahlia Sangster.

  4. Olivia I like your fluency and your strong verbs and adjectives
    from Avie.

  5. Great one awesome tui team. Avie I love how you panted a clear picture. It's awesome,Tahlia you focused really hard,Olivia great work and I loved your wonderful verbs,luke you described it wonderfully.
    Great work all of you.From Briar Adamson.

  6. WOW Luke you are one of the best writers in the class and like your swimming pitcher. By Tahlia C