Monday 22 February 2016

An awesome example of a reading response.

We're reading an awesome book in class at the moment called Withering By The Sea. The main character is Stella and we have been studying her and different aspects of the book. We have looked at character traits and identifying sequence of events and why stories have them. Here is an example by Coco. Coco you have given detailed events and you have thought carefully about the information in each step, well done! Click on image to enlarge.


  1. Hi coco I just read your work and it was amazing
    by Tahlia N

  2. Wow!!! Great chain Coco. Me (Olivia R) and Megan really enjoyed making them to.
    We think you did an awesome job, great work.

    From Olivia and Megan.

  3. So so good Coco. I can tell that you've been listening really carefully to what sounds like a super exciting book! From Anna

  4. Well done Coco you've put a lot of work into this. You'll go far.

    From Megan De Cort

  5. Hi coco I had just been looking at your amazing work alsow keep it up.
    from Tahlia c

  6. That is a great idea.