Tuesday 4 August 2015


  1. Well done Tahlia and Coco. Yes I have learnt a lot of facts after listening to your presentation.
    I really liked how clearly you both shared your information. I wonder how many tigers are left in the world?
    from Mrs Kitto

  2. AWESOME Coco and Tahlia N.
    I liked your study.
    from Niamh in room 7

  3. A century ago there was 100,000 Tigers remaining the forests.Today there are only about 3,200
    From Coco

  4. Great research Tahia and Coco. You both share your findings so clearly. I am curious to know more about why only half the tigers live longer than two years?
    Are there many tigers in New Zealand zoos?

    Super job,

    Miss Tyrrell

  5. Hi Coco and Tahlia N,
    I really enjoyed your study and I learnt a lot of things.
    From Kaiyo

  6. Hi Tahlia and Coco I love your study!! I feel sorry for those tigers who are being hunted. Poor them!!
    From Hannah.

  7. Hi Tahlia and Coco,
    You must have put a lot of effort into that presentation. I am now very interested in tigers you really drawled me in. Your next step would be maybe number the facts or maybe even turn this little video into a movie. From Poppy springston waka stride.

  8. Hi Tahlia and Coco I rely love your study

    from Emer