Thursday 19 June 2014

Snowmen, Snowmen, Snowmen!!!!!
Check out our cool snowmen having fun after everyone has left Coronet Peak for the day, oh to be a snowman! We used pastel on black paper!

Snowmen Snowmen Snowmen


  1. What fantastic artists you all are - well done! I really like how all of your snowmen seem to have their own personalities. You have all made a stunning job of them.
    I wonder if we'll get time to make some snowmen when we go on our ski trip later in the year?
    From Mrs Kitto

  2. Your snowmen are amazing Room 6
    What super jobs you have all done of them. I agree with Mrs Kitto that they all have their own personalities.
    I can't wait to see them hanging in your classroom.
    From Miss T

  3. wow what a great snowman Reuben
    Love Grandma and Grandad

  4. Wow! Megan's Dad saw these in the classroom and was telling me about them all, so great to see them online. Can't wait till these get sent home to make space for future artworks as I plan to frame Megan's for a wall at home!
    From Megan's Mum, Maria

  5. hi room 7 you gies made really good snow men I love them from paula' and reuben

  6. I remember making them what fun we had from Olivia

  7. now that looks like lots of fun you kids are all very lucky to do that