Tuesday 27 May 2014

We've been looking at shadows in room 7. Last week the children all went outside when the sun was shining and looked at their shadows. They all came to the conclusion that you needed a strong light to make shadows as when the sun was out they were very clear but when the sun went behind the clouds you barely saw them! They also said that there are no features on a shadow and their shadows showed themselves to be quite stretched! They also found that as the sun moves across the sky your shadow changes position!!!
Have a look at their pictures showing their shadow in relation to the sun, just click on the image!


  1. Hi Room 7... isn't great when you can see your shadow, because that means the sun is shining - yay! Maria De Cort (Megan's Mum)

  2. I sore that pichter at assbley it was so cool

  3. why is it only in the sun you see your shadow? it must be fun to go outside and see your shadow rather than do work. keara

    1. Hi Keara, you can see your shadow inside too, all you need is some bright light shining on a surface and you block the light and you will get a shadow!!!

  4. Great shadows room 7. They look like real life. Eli

  5. What a big shadow Reuben

    Love Grandad