Wednesday 9 April 2014

We had 2 very cute visitors last week, Lilly and Maggie. Thank you Hillary for sharing your gorgeous girls! Click on the photo below to see more photos!


  1. hi my name is susana im from paerataschool i just want to ask a question did your class ride a horse i was just asking if you did it's ok if you said no or yes

    by susana paerataschool

    1. Hi Susana from all of us in room 7!!
      No we didn't get to ride the ponies but we really wanted to!!! But we did get to brush them and lead them around the field, it was a lot of fun!
      Thanks for asking!

  2. WOW thats amazing.


  3. hello my name is ofa i'm from paerata school and i want to ask a question if thats okay the horses was that really cool when you touched or felt them well i hope it was so cool because i haven't touched a horse before so that could be cool now i think its time to say goodbye.

    paerata school