Friday 11 April 2014

Check out more writing using strong verbs and adjectives from room 7! Click on the picture!
 Room 7 Writing


  1. I love your writing Room 7 - what great adjectives and verbs. Room 6 children will enjoy reading your writing this week during our reading rotation. I'm sure they'll have lots of comments to leave after they have read your book. Well done.

  2. Hi Room 7, Great adjectives and verbs. from Niamh
    Hi Room 7, I like your pictures and writing. from Luke
    I like your writing. From Tahlia S
    Hi Room 7. I like your book. The adjectives make it more interesting. From Coco
    Hi Room 7. I love your pieces of writing.from Ellie
    HI Room 7. I would like to do the same writing and pictures that you did. They are very colourful. from Emer