Thursday 20 March 2014

The children have been putting together brochures from our EOTC week. We are going to take them into the Information Centre in Alexandra when they are printed. The children are making them for other children who come to our area and want to know what they can do!
Here is a little extract from Yui's, this information is in her brochure! 
Well done Yui I love the way you are talking to someone through your writing!


  1. Well done Yui. What super expression you have used when reading your writing. I'm sure your brochure will be a great help to children who are visiting the area. What activity did you enjoy the most? From Mrs Kitto

  2. Yui, Your brochure is entertaining and very informative. Well done ;)
    You paint a great picture of our special part of the world.

    Miss Tyrrell