Friday 14 March 2014

Megan And Lola's Day At The Clyde Market!


  1. Hey Megan and Room 7,
    Nice story sweetie. Yes we're very proud of our "top dog". She had some top competition. So many cute dogs in Clyde. It was a fun day.
    Love Mummy/Maria

  2. Well done Megan, proud of your video and your account of competition.
    Nana and Granddad, Timaru

  3. Hi Megan. We liked that you won the dog parade. Well done. Tahlia S would like to know where the parade was? Coco would like to know what have you done with the money? Are you going to spend it on something special or put it in your money box? What did Lola have to do to win the prize?
    From Tahlia S, Coco and Room 6